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2016 Otakuthon

Otakuthon was great! Otakuthon a été fantastique!

Sith and Jedi fight it out.
Sith and Jedi fight it out.

Every time  we go to Otakuthon, we do better than the previous year.

2016 Otakuthon-3524
Cold Iron Cosplay as San from Princess Mononoke

We seem to get new customers as well as those who return – and it gets better and better each time. Thank you! Merci!

Awesome family cosplay
Awesome family cosplay

All photos taken at Otakuthon were posted on Dropbox, and a selection also went onto Facebook. Links below!

2016 Otakuthon-3377
AnnieChie cosplays Lissa.



otakuthon ad 002

3 thoughts on “2016 Otakuthon

  1. I when to you’re stand at the cosplay and pay for 6 picture and I still see only one ( the funny one whit a light saber) in you’re dropbox. I was the august 6 at the otakuton . I was the one cosplaying temmie the undertale ( a cat in a box) And I rote you a comment before and I still don’t have any email from you or my pictures, I’m starting to worry. You were awesome in the convention boot please just give me news.

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