2016 CoTiCon

2016 CoTiCon

We came. We saw. We took some pictures.

My sister Francyne, of Francyne Photography, was with me and I showed her a thing or two about how to take some pictures. Yeah! That’s right!

2016 CoTiCon Organizers
CoTiCon organizers Annie deRochie (centre) and her mom and dad.

CoTiCon is a small anime convention in Cornwall, organized by cosplayer and designer AnnieChie, AKA Annie DeRochie. This was the third edition of CoTiCon.

2016 CoTiCon 001
Annie is bodyguarded by Rey, who is played by Symphony and Silk Cosplay.

We were honoured to help out as a major sponsor of CoTiCon – this event is worthy of support. Ask Annie about next year’s event!

2016 CoTiCon 032
Jessica Rousseau is Zubat.

All the photos taken at this event are on Dropbox, as usual, and a selection are also on Facebook. Enjoy!

2016 CoTiCon 049
Rey bonds with Chewie. Rey is Symphony and Silk Cosplay, and Chewbacca is Andy Pegan of the 501st Capital Legion.

We also took one portrait of each cosplayer in the masquerade – we could mention that small cons are really great for many reasons but definitely for the masquerade opportunities: the green room time is much reduced, the crowd is smaller and less fright-inducing, and the event is ranked! You can build your rankings in a – what’s the word? – safer environment than at huge conventions.

Lilithia Dark took Best Makeup in the Masquerade.
Lilithia Dark took Best Makeup in the Masquerade.



2016 CoTiCon 096a


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